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In Blazing Sails you need to gather different resources to improve your odds of winning a match. All resources can be found on islands, treasure chests and floating crates. All resources have special designated quick-access models in the ship's hull that allow you to quickly grab some during a battle.

A variety of resource items

There are a couple of resource types:

Wood[edit | edit source]

When a ship is hit with cannonballs or is in the dead zone the hull needs to be repaired. When a ship takes too much damage it floods and eventually sinks. It's up to the crew-members of a ship to find and repair hull damage. For this you need wood and your repair hammer. Each time you hit a hole with your repair hammer, your wood supply will decrease. Wood can be looted from the ship via the wood barrel.

Healing Items[edit | edit source]

Currently the only healing item is the Battle Drink. This item heals a part of your health over time. Battle Drink can be looted from the ship via the bottle rack and you can also slow heal yourself while you are on your boat about 1hp per second.

Weapon Ammo[edit | edit source]

Ammo box quick access point

There are a few different types of ammo in Blazing Sails. Many weapons do use the same ammo to keep thing simple and straight forward. All ammo types can be looted from the ship using the ammo box. The box will detect what ammo you need depending on your weapon.

Currently you can find and use:

  • Small shot

Used in pistols, rifles, sniper rifles and multi barrel weapons.

  • Arrow

Used in bows and crossbows.

  • Fish ammo

Used in fish shooting weapons.

Cannonballs[edit | edit source]

Cannonballs are mainly used in ship, swivel and land cannons. But can also be used in some weapons such as the bomb launcher and shoulder cannon. All cannon shooting weapons/cannons deal damage to both ships and players. Cannonballs can be looted from the ship via the cannonball chest in the hull.

For the damage values and other stats see this page.

Currently you can find and use:

Cannonball-storage quick access point

Name Description Image
Regular cannonball Drop Rate: regular cannonball A regular cannonball is the only ammunation which is used for swivel cannon, Shoulder cannon and Bomb launcher.
Regular cannonball
Regular cannonball
Heavy cannonball Drop Rate: heavy cannonball A heavy cannonball deals significantly more damage (requires more wood to repair).

At the cost of a higher drop rate.

Heavy cannonball
Heavy cannonball
Anti-Sail cannonball Drop Rate: regular cannonball An anti-sail cannonball deals less damage than a regular cannonball when fired at a ship's hull.

However, firing through the sails deals significantly more sail damage than any other cannonball or explosive barrel.

Trap shot

(Anchor drop cannonball)

Drop Rate: regular cannonball When you hit an enemy ship with this cannonball, their anchor drops immediately.
Anchor drop cannonball
Trap Shot
Anti Cannon cannonball Drop Rate: regular cannonball When you hit an enemy ship with this cannonball, their cannons get chains over the muzzle.

Those chains appear on all cannons (except mingle cannons)

You have to destroy them in case you want to shoot again.

Anti-cannon cannonball
Anti-cannon cannonball
Exploding barrel Drop Rate: heavy cannonball You can either load it as ammunation or mount it on the prow of your ship.

If you shoot the barrel and you don't hit, it will float on the water and will deal damage,

when an enemy ship sails over it.

If you mount it on the prow it will explode when you crash into another ship.

(it's mounted that far away to ensure your ship won't take any damage)

Exploding barrel
Exploding barrel