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Quad Barrel Flintlocks

The Quad Barrel Flintlock Weapons card

The quad barrel flintlock pistol is a ranged weapon in blazing sails. Although it does not deal as much damage as the flintlock pistol, it is compensated by its 4 rapid fire barrels that can deal more damage combined than a flintlock pistol if all 4 shots hit. It is a great choice for a secondary weapon if you have a sniper rifle or any single shot weapon.


The quad barrel flintlock pistol is a rare weapon. It can only be found in select islands, in either a chest or if your lucky enough, the ground. It will be paired with 20 to 25 small shot if found on the ground.


Damage Ammo Type Reload Time Magazine Size
20 each shot Small Shot 1.3 Seconds 4 (1 bullet in each barrel)


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