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The 4 Main islands in Blazing Sails

NOTE: This page is WIP

Islands in Blazing sails are a key factor in the game. You get most of your loot from islands, and depending on which island you spawn at, you can get different loot and materials for your crew. There are several islands in the game now. The islands you will spawn at, are the Main Islands. (NOTE: You cannot spawn at some of the main islands, as you will need to sail there instead.) There are many other small islands across the map.

Tridents Fall[]

Tridents fall is one of the main islands in blazing sails that you can spawn at during the beginning of the game. Its distinguishable by its large trident sticking out of the island. There are mainly 2 to 3 chests at the island.

Bandit Bay[]

Bandit Bay is one of the main islands you can spawn at in Blazing sails.

Trident falls and its trident