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The Fast Sniper

The Fast sniper Weapon Card

Fast sharpshooter rifle, AKA the light sniper, has almost the same stats as a musket, difference is in damage. But the fast sniper deals less damage than the musket. It compensates the less damage by having a scope. You can also use it in any ways like noscoping some landlubbers or sniping from ship crown's nest. Good to use in combo with double flintlock pistols.


The weapon can be found on islands with chests. If you are lucky enough, you can also find it on the ground, getting ready for a pirate to take it.


Damage Ammo Type Reload Time Magazine Size Zoom
55 Small Shot 1.8 Seconds 1 Bullet 1.5


🥔_Бульба_🥔#3669 For making the weapon card