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Double Flintlocks

A perfect, close range weapon that a medium rarity. The Double flintlock is a great alternative to the Regular flintlock pistol. It can do some serious damage when shot at close range, and can be found next to 20 to 25 small shots if found. The Double Flintlocks are a perfect combo with the blunderbuss, as you can finish off those little scallywags with the Double Flintlock Pistol by the amount of Damage it can do.


The Double Flintlocks can be found on almost every island. They can be found on the ground, or in chests. It usually has 20 to 25 small shots paired with the double flintlocks.


Damage Ammo Type Reload Time Magazine Size
30 Per shot (60 Damage) Small Shots 2.4 Seconds 2 Bullets